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Red wine balsamic vinegar with thyme honey CRETAN NECTAR

Red wine balsamic vinegar with thyme honey CRETAN NECTAR

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Red wine balsamic vinegar with thyme honey from Crete

Red wine balsamic vinegar with natural thyme honey (250ml)
Cretan balsamic vinegar with honey has a pleasant caramel and typical mountain thyme honey flavor, goes well not only with meat and salads, but also with fruits, ice cream, desserts. Balsamic vinegars are white or red wine vinegars with a concentrated taste and aroma, a classic of Greek cuisine, which, like oils, should be selected according to taste and quality. Expressive, aromatic, natural - for creative and regular visitors. Rich, creamy, fragrant, exquisite. The climate of the island of Crete, quality raw materials and still not the most expensive suppliers create favorable conditions for producing particularly good and tasty balsamic vinegar at a competitive price.

The taste characteristics and the most suitable for use: balsamic vinegar with a bright, pleasantly frosted (with clearly expressed sweetness of Cretan mountain thyme honey) and rich taste. It is best suited for flavoring salads, vegetable and meat stews and steaks, caramelizing fruits, vegetables and onions, and flavoring celery root mash.

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