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Basil PESTO with cheese - set discount (5 pcs)

Basil PESTO with cheese - set discount (5 pcs)

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By buying 5 units of Pesto, you will not only save money, but you will also have peace of mind that there will always be a delicious conor in the fridge!

From fresh basil leaves (without stems!), unfiltered, cold-pressed Greek olive oil, hard cheese matured for 2 years, with a little garlic and a squeeze of lemon. The pesto that Italians buy and send to their housemates!

For the production of the #tastiest pesto in the world, we hand-pick and carefully pluck only the juicy basil leaves, the stalks travel like a smoothie to the goats and sheep of the Nečia farm. The stalks themselves are not bad, but they "dilute" the transparent emerald taste and aroma of basil, the texture with the stalks becomes delayed, and the color fades, well, you probably know that from other pesto dusting on the shelves of stores :)

Next - a 2-year-old mature, caramel, crunchy cheese, without compromises, never younger. Therefore, I try not to grind it to a pulp, but to leave larger pieces, like candy, it tastes better to me. Garlic - organic, a little salt, lemon juice, vitamin c iiirrrrr (drum roll) everything is poured with unfiltered, fragrant, emerald olive oil of our Kalamata olive oil, here too - no compromises, color, taste and aroma win over any "calculations". That's it. There are no nuts, because I don't like them in pesto, it's fresher and happier without them. And our idea that we cook for ourselves first is not about an advertising slogan, we really cook first of all what and how we eat ourselves, because we eat a lot :) so wow. Oh, and also - our pesto is unpasteurized, unheated, raw, so only in the refrigerator and only to be eaten quickly and greedily!" - Ieva Nečia

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There is such a magical place, in the middle of forests and meadows, called Netia. In it, we, Ieva and Artūras NeČiauskas, who have a delicious life, conjure flavors and hang them with spoons of joy. We put a pinch of this magic in each of our products and send it to your tables!